Russian newspaper Rossiisskaya Gazeta has reported that Finland will close its borders with Russia, shutting down all crossings at 24:00 the following night. However, the Finnish government has not made an official statement on the matter and it is unclear if they will meet to discuss the border situation. The article is vague and lacks specific details about its sources.

In recent news, Russian authorities have arrested 150 foreign citizens in Karelia who had expired visas and were heading towards the Finnish border. They are currently being held in detention in the Republic of Karelia and face fines and deportation. However, the article does not specify which country the arrested citizens were from or where they were going.

In 2016, people who had received a recent deportation decision tried to come to Finland from Russia. According to an article from Russian online magazine Your font, an “Arab lawyer” stated that many asylum seekers, including women and children, would be detained. This information seems unrelated to the current news report.

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