The Funhouse Science fair returns

The Funhouse Commons is hosting our 20th Science Fair on Saturday, April 27th from 12-4 PM. This event, which started in 2001, aims to showcase the scientific discoveries made by young minds and inspire them to continue exploring the world of science. After a four-year hiatus, we are thrilled to bring back this beloved tradition and infuse new energy into our community.

All Orcas K-12 students are invited to register their projects for the fair. Additionally, we welcome community members who are passionate about conservation and environmental science to participate as vendors or volunteers. If you’re interested in participating, please contact

This Science Fair will have an Earth Day theme and feature free food and beverages, live music, community exhibits, and impressive displays from our young participants. Each participant will receive an award, with the top three projects in elementary, middle, and high school categories chosen by our esteemed judges. The coveted Richie Moore “Rocket Ship of Wonder” will be awarded to the best-in-show project.

Prizes for the competition include $500 for first place in high school, $350 for second place in high school, $250 for first place in middle school, $150 for second place in middle school, $100 for first place in elementary school, $75 for second place in elementary school, and $50 for third place in elementary school.

We need your support to make this event a success! We’re seeking donations from the community to cover the costs of food, beverages

By Riley Johnson

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