Calling all public plant science programs: Let us highlight the impact of your work!

Seed World Canada is looking for innovative plant breeding programs that are making significant strides in the Canadian seed industry. The Public Sector Plant Science Showcase will highlight cutting-edge thinking, technological advancements, and creative efforts that are driving progress in the sector. If your research program has contributed to advancing the seed sector, you can submit it to be featured in our July issue.

Qualifying submissions will be recognized by Seed World Canada as we celebrate the diverse work being done in plant science and breeding across Canada. However, only the top three winners will be selected based on three criteria: novelty of research, impact on sustainability, and scientific innovation.

To qualify for the novelty of research criteria, your program must introduce new concepts or technologies to the market that set it apart from competitors. Impact on sustainability evaluates how your research positively affects the environment and supports sustainable farming practices while reducing agriculture’s carbon footprint. Scientific innovation reviews cutting-edge research and development that have a significant impact on the agriculture industry, such as creating new plant traits or improving crop yield.

The top three winners will be chosen by Seed World Canada’s editorial board, providing a platform to showcase leading advancements in the Canadian seed sector.

By Riley Johnson

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