Watch live as President Biden discusses ways to lower health care costs, including the affordability of inhalers.

Senator Bernie Sanders and President Biden will hold a joint press conference at the White House to discuss recent price reductions for inhalers by pharmaceutical companies. In a letter to drug manufacturers, Senator Sanders urged them to review the prices of inhalers, which were significantly higher in the US compared to other countries like the UK. The price of one inhaler in the US was $645, 13 times higher than what consumers in the UK were paying.

As a result of these efforts, out-of-pocket costs for inhalers for many Americans will now be capped at $35. Healthcare professionals, President Biden, and Senator Sanders will address this important issue during their press conference at 11 a.m. EDT. This is an essential step towards making crucial medications more affordable and accessible to all Americans.

The live broadcast of the press conference is expected to shed light on the importance of affordable healthcare and how it can help reduce financial burden on patients. It’s an exciting development that aligns with ongoing efforts to make healthcare more equitable for everyone in America.

By Riley Johnson

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