The timeline of the concert hall attack in Moscow

In the aftermath of the Moscow concert attack, attributed to the jihadist organization Isis-K, Russian authorities are still grappling with the fallout. The attack, which took place during a sold-out gig of the Russian rock band Piknik in the Crocus City Hall on a Friday, resulted in over 130 fatalities.

The attack began when gunmen opened fire on the people gathered near the entrance of the concert hall. Panic and fear spread quickly as the assailants proceeded to shoot inside, causing part of the roof to collapse and setting fire to the seats and building. Some victims were reported to have suffered from smoke poisoning as a result of emergency calls being made shortly after the attack and rescue units and National Guard troops arriving promptly at the scene.

Russian security services later announced that eleven suspects had been arrested in connection with the attack, including four believed to have been directly involved in carrying out the violence. However, little information has been disclosed about what happened to them after they fled from around where they attacked. Investigations into this terrorist act are ongoing, and much about its motivations and background remains unknown.

The Moscow concert attack has caused widespread concern among Russians, who view it as one of their worst terrorist attacks since 2004 when Chechen terrorists seized a school in Beslan. It has brought attention once again to Russia’s efforts against terrorism and raised questions about their effectiveness.

In response, Russian authorities have increased security measures at large events and intensified efforts to track down those responsible for this heinous crime. However, it is clear that more needs to be done if Russia is to truly combat terrorism effectively.

As investigations continue into this tragic incident, it remains unclear what motivated these terrorists or how they managed to carry out such an effective attack on Russian soil. But one thing is certain: Russia must remain vigilant against any future threats posed by extremist groups like Isis-K if they are ever to maintain their status as a leading world power.

In conclusion, Russia’s efforts against terrorism will continue but there is no doubt that there is much work left ahead for them. They must remain vigilant against any future threats posed by extremist groups like Isis-K if they are ever going to maintain their position as a major player in global politics.

By Riley Johnson

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