Sir David Attenborough, 97, recently attended the premiere of his BBC documentary “Planet Earth III” in October. However, a viral video has been circulating online featuring an AI version of Attenborough narrating a programmer’s life. The filmmaker expressed his personal dismay about the potential of an AI version of himself being used to deceive others.

Attenborough is known for his educational TV programs “Life on Earth” and “The Blue Planet,” and he shared his apprehension about the use of AI technology. He is concerned that AI could be used to create false versions of him, emphasized by his fear of being misrepresented and not having control over his own voice. The AI-generated video has sparked interest in AI clones as well, with others indicating their intent to link this technology with wearables and incorporate it into their designs.

Another programmer even shared a video of an AI-generated Steve Jobs critiquing their designs, inspired by the original AI-Attenborough video. Despite its popularity, the programmer who created the AI-Attenborough has not yet issued a response to requests for comment.

Overall, Attenborough’s concerns highlight the potential dangers associated with using AI technology to create false versions of ourselves or others without consent or control. It is important for individuals and organizations to consider these implications when developing and implementing new technologies in our daily lives.

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