Chris Tsirlis, a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, has been appointed as the vice president of business development and product innovation at Airbus U.S. Space & Defense’s government solutions business with a focus on satellite communications and networking systems. Tsirlis made the announcement of his appointment in a LinkedIn post published on Sunday.

In his new role, Tsirlis will be working with a team of professionals to drive the development of satellite communications technologies to support customers’ mission-critical workloads. Prior to joining Airbus DS Government Solutions, he served as a technical product manager at Microsoft, where he also worked as a solutions architect focused on edge platforms for space/5G and hybrid cloud networks.

Tsirlis brings over three decades of experience in the Marine Corps, where he held senior information technology leadership positions. This includes serving as the director of IT and commanding officer of Marine Wing Communications Squadron 28, as well as the IT operations officer for III Marine Expeditionary Unit G-6. His extensive background and expertise in the field make him a valuable addition to the Airbus team.

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