The al-Shifa hospital in Gaza City is now being referred to as a terror clinic, following the Israeli military’s discovery that the hospital grounds contained a 55-meter long terror tunnel belonging to Hamas. The hospital was found to be firmly in the hands of Hamas, as revealed by surveillance footage showing hostages being taken to the clinic by terrorists. This new information sheds a different light on the international criticism of the hospital storming, as it was discovered that even doctors and other hospital staff did not reveal the presence of foreign terrorist hostages in the clinic.

During their attack on Israel, Hamas terrorists kidnapped around 240 hostages to the Gaza Strip, including citizens from 26 countries. These revelations challenge the previous narrative of international criticism against Israel’s actions. In fact, this content discusses not only the Israeli military’s discovery of a terror tunnel under the al-Shifa hospital grounds but also the revelation of hostages being taken to the clinic by Hamas terrorists. Furthermore, it presents new information about the international criticism of the storming of

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