Baidu and Apple join forces to incorporate AI in iPhones for Chinese market

The American tech giant Apple has announced its plans to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) technology from Chinese technology giant Baidu into its upcoming devices aimed at the Asian market. This collaboration between the two companies will focus on updates to the Mac operating system and iOS18, specifically the iPhone16. Apple chose Baidu over other options, including Alibaba, due to Baidu’s popularity as the most popular search engine in China where Google is blocked.

The need for regulatory compliance in China prompted Apple to choose a local AI service provider for devices sold in the country. Although this was a goal that couldn’t be achieved in the short term outside of China, Apple devices will continue to have AI applications developed in-house by Cupertino. After the publication of this information, Baidu’s shares rose on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, where it is listed.

Several technology giants like Baidu, Tencent, and Alibaba have presented AI-based services in China. However, concerns have been raised about the application of this technology in the country due to strict censorship imposed by authorities. To address these concerns, additional regulations have been approved to govern generative AI services and ensure compliance with information security, protection of personal data, and adherence to social values and ethics. These regulations aim to prevent content that threatens national security or social stability from being generated using AI technology.

By Riley Johnson

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