Apple’s rumored foldable iPhone could feature revolutionary self-repairing technology

Apple recently received over fifty new patents from the US Patent and Trademark Office, one of which may provide insights into the company’s plans for its long-rumored foldable iPhone. Despite rumors suggesting a potential release date of 2026 or 2027, concerns about display technology have reportedly held the company back. However, recent patent filings suggest that Apple is now testing its foldable panels and has developed a “self-healing material” that could be used in the display of its potential foldable device.

The self-healing material described in the patent is said to have the ability to heal itself when dented or flexed, with healing triggered by heat, light, or electrical current. While it’s important to note that patents don’t always translate into actual product features, this new technology could be a significant step towards making Apple’s foldable device a reality. The inclusion of self-healing material in Apple’s patent suggests that the company is actively working towards overcoming technical challenges associated with foldable displays.

Tech companies often file patents as part of their research and development efforts, so while the presence of a patent doesn’t guarantee that a feature will make it into a final product, it could be an indicator of what Apple has in store for its future product lineup. This development may be a promising sign for those who are eagerly waiting for Apple to enter the foldable smartphone market.

By Riley Johnson

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