Awards in Engineering and Computer Science Recognized at Convocation of Scholars

The College of Engineering and Computer Science at Arkansas State University recently held a Convocation of Scholars awards ceremony to recognize the academic achievements of graduating students. Dr. Abhijit Bhattacharyya, the dean of the college, announced the recipients of several awards during the ceremony.

One of the top honors went to Jackson Chrestman from Jonesboro, who was awarded both the Chancellor’s Scholar Award and 4.0 Scholar Award for achieving the highest overall grade point average among graduating seniors. He is set to graduate with a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science.

In addition to individual awards, departmental awards were given to top graduating seniors in each academic degree program. The Citizenship Award recognized students who displayed exceptional leadership, character, and involvement in the department and community. Recipients included Shota Kato, Nathan Raath, Zackary Overton, Madison Walker, Nicolas Palacios, Jeannette Strano, and Seth Moffett.

The Outstanding Student Award was granted to individuals with the highest GPAs in each of the undergraduate degree plans. Recipients included Jackson Chrestman, Cody Painter, Samuel Morris, Ryan Ahmad, Luke Carden, Elijah Mullins, Tuan Kiet Vuong, Morgan Diamond

By Riley Johnson

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