Assure Holdings and Danam Health Reach Agreement for Business Merger

In the healthcare sector, two companies, Assure Holdings and Danam Health, have entered into an agreement for Danam to merge with a newly formed subsidiary of Assure. The merger is structured as a stock-for-stock exchange and will result in Danam becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of Assure.

The newly merged company, named Danam Health Holdings Corp., is expected to continue as a Nasdaq-listed company and focus on providing pharmaceutical and healthcare services. If successful, the merger will result in a combined entity that will have significant resources and capabilities to provide innovative solutions for patients.

Both companies’ boards have approved the merger, which is expected to close in the second quarter. Current Danam stockholders are expected to own about 90% of the combined company, while current Assure stockholders are expected to own about 10%. For further information about this exciting development, contact Denny Jacob at

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