Ballistic missile with fuel leak still in flight

The Astrobotic lander has faced setbacks during its journey towards the moon, including an explosion that caused it to lose fuel. However, despite this setback, the lander has been able to take pictures and operate scientific equipment. The company announced that the lander is not capable of a controlled landing but has not ruled out the possibility of a harder landing on the surface of the Moon.

The Peregrine robot from Astrobotic is stable and functional, but the loss of fuel has steadily decreased. Engineers are working on finding solutions to extend Peregrine’s life expectancy, and there is growing optimism that it could survive much longer than currently estimated. Scientific equipment provided by various space administrations have been successfully used on the Moon, providing valuable knowledge for future lunar missions.

The intended destination of Astrobotic’s ship remains unclear, prompting speculation among space enthusiasts about its trajectory and potential landing date. There are concerns about the possibility of littering the surface of the Moon with cargo if the ship ends its mission prematurely. Astrobotic faces controversy over delivering ashes and DNA of individuals to the moon, with objections from groups such as the Navajos who consider it a desecration of an important celestial body for them.

Despite these challenges, Astrobotic’s ship continues its journey towards the moon, with speculation about its trajectory and potential landing date. The leaking fuel introduces uncertainty about its course, but there is also hope that it could be used for a future mission in November to carry NASA’s Viper rover to the Moon’s south pole.

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