Yerevan Sends Baku 8 Inaccurate Minefield Forms

The Azerbaijan Mine Action Service (ANAMA) has received eight new forms of minefield information from Armenia. According to ANAMA, the submitted forms mainly contain details about the minefields surrounding the Murovdagh mountain range in the Kelbajar (Karvachar) region. The forms include information on the types of mines, their number, and distances between them. However, ANAMA stated that the latest data provided is not accurate or reliable as analysis of the forms showed that the indicated data does not match with real minefields and the coordinates of points are incorrect.

In January, Armenia announced that it would hand over to Azerbaijan eight newly discovered logs of maps of minefields. However, Azerbaijan reacted harshly to this statement, emphasizing that it expected Armenia to provide concrete maps of all mined areas. Baku also noted that the accuracy of the maps presented by Armenia under international pressure after the tripartite announcement of November 9, 2020 is only 25 percent.

The situation has been tense since then, with both sides continuing to exchange accusations and demands for more transparency and accuracy in minefield mapping efforts. Despite ongoing efforts by international organizations like UNICEF and ICBL-CWMLA to promote demining efforts in Nagorno-Karabakh, progress remains slow due to ongoing disputes between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The latest development in this matter is a call by ANAMA for better coordination and cooperation between both countries in order to ensure a safe environment for people living near mined areas. ANAMA emphasized that a concerted effort is needed from both sides to address this issue before it can be resolved completely.

Meanwhile, local communities continue to suffer from accidents caused by mines left behind after decades of conflict. In recent years alone, more than 100 people have lost their lives due to these accidents, highlighting the urgent need for action on this front.

Overall, while there have been some progress towards demining efforts in Nagorno-Karabakh, much work remains to be done before a safe environment can be established for all people living in these areas.

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