Germany has recently announced plans to deliver a third tranche of Iris-T systems to Ukraine. This is the third time that Germany has provided military aid to Ukraine since the start of the war. The first tranche included three systems, with four already delivered and another scheduled for delivery this winter. The second tranche is set to be handed over in 2024, while the new third tranche is expected to be delivered in 2025.

Defense Minister Pistorius arrived in Kiev for his second visit since taking office in January. During his trip, he reiterated Germany’s commitment to Ukraine and emphasized the country’s “solidarity and deep ties.” While in Kiev, Pistorius discussed military training and military aid for Ukraine with local officials. However, the content of his trip shifted to unrelated topics such as a detailed introduction to the Aviator game, beginner tips for the Hot Fruits game, and various other casino games. Later on, Pistorius veered away from gaming and discussed topics such as how to store avocados at home and growing basil on a windowsill. These topics were not related to the initial news about the delivery of military systems to Ukraine by Germany.

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