Commissioners organize safe gun storage presentation during Public Health Week

During Public Health Week, the Board of Commissioners held a gun storage presentation called BeSMART for Kids: Safe Storage Saves Lives. The presentation was aimed at providing education to adults, whether they were gun owners or not, on the importance of safe storage practices.

Commissioner Virginia Betteridge, who is the liaison to the Department of Health and Human Services, highlighted the significance of safe gun storage in saving lives and being a responsible gun owner. She emphasized that it was important for everyone to be able to communicate with others about safe gun storage, regardless of whether they personally owned guns or not. This was especially important because children may come into contact with guns in the homes of friends or relatives.

The aim of this presentation in Camden County was to raise awareness and start a dialogue during Public Health Week. By initiating this conversation, the hope was that it would lead to safer communities and fewer accidents involving guns. It was clear that safe storage practices were key to preventing gun-related injuries and deaths, and it was up to everyone to take responsibility for ensuring that these practices were followed.

By Riley Johnson

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