Blinken confirms Netanyahu’s endorsement of Gaza ceasefire proposal

During a meeting with the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, Antony Blinken, the Secretary of State of the United States, confirmed that he fully supported the ceasefire plan proposed by President Joe Biden and endorsed by the United Nations Security Council. Blinken stated that Netanyahu reaffirmed his commitment to the proposal during their conversation.

Blinken also met with various Israeli political leaders, including those from opposition parties and the Prime Minister of the Palestinian Authority. During these discussions, Blinken emphasized the importance of negotiations in achieving progress towards a permanent ceasefire and maintained that maintaining the current ceasefire would be beneficial for all parties involved.

However, Blinken mentioned that nearly everyone except for Hamas is in favor of Biden’s initiative. Even if Hamas were to agree to Biden’s plan, Israel would not change its stance. The ceasefire plan consists of three phases: firstly, an exchange of hostages for prisoners and a short-term ceasefire; secondly, a permanent cessation of hostilities and complete withdrawal of Israeli military forces from Gaza; and finally, a multi-year reconstruction plan for Gaza Strip. Unfortunately, Blinken did not provide any additional information on potential disagreements in subsequent phases of the plan.

By Riley Johnson

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