Watch a Lioness Sacrifice Herself to Save Her Cub from Hungry Hyenas

One day, in the midst of enjoying a meal on a tree, a lioness and her cubs were interrupted by a group of hungry hyenas. In hopes of getting some leftovers, the hyenas surrounded the tree and waited patiently.

But one of the cubs was not content to wait. Fear-stricken and overwhelmed, he jumped down from the tree in an attempt to flee the scene. Unfortunately, his move was too late. As soon as he landed on the ground, he was surrounded by the hyenas and their snapping jaws.

“The cub froze,” said Benji Solms, a guide at Serondella Game Lodge in Kruger National Park in South Africa. “He realized that he had made a grave mistake.”

Fortunately for the cub, his mother recognized the danger and took quick action. She dropped an impala carcass from the tree and jumped down to confront the hyenas head-on. With her fierce stare and unwavering resolve, she managed to distract them from her helpless cub and keep him safe.

The hyenas eventually scurried off to feed on the carcass, leaving behind a grateful cub who owed it all to his brave mother’s sacrifice

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