The Incredible Women’s History of Sherri Tynes

Sherri Tynes, a four-time Mid-Eastern Coach of the Year and head coach of the North Carolina East/West All-Star Game, is the only woman being inducted into the Greater Wilmington Sports Hall of Fame this year. Tynes’ accomplishments in sports have led to inductions into the Airport High School Sports Hall of Fame and the Laney High School Sports Hall of Fame. Despite retiring, Tynes remains active and dedicated to fitness, engaging in activities like swimming, cycling, and weight training on a daily basis. Her passion for fitness stems from her background as a physical educator and coach.

Tynes’ coaching career began at various universities before transitioning to high school coaching at Laney High School. Over the years, she has coached a variety of sports, including men’s and women’s golf, women’s basketball, and both fast and slow-pitch softball. She amassed an impressive coaching record of 423-189 throughout her high school coaching career.

Tynes attributes her success to the support she received from administrators, assistant coaches, student-athletes, and parents. She considers herself fortunate to have had such a strong support system throughout her career. The local legend will be honored with her induction into the Greater Wilmington Sports Hall of Fame on May 19th, acknowledging her significant contributions to sports in the community.

By Riley Johnson

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