Podcast: Utilizing Bilingualism as a Tool to Identify Early Signs of Multiple Sclerosis

The UConn Health Pulse Podcast offers valuable insights on various health topics for the public. Dr. Jaime Imitola, head of UConn Health’s Division of Multiple Sclerosis and Translational Neuroimmunology, has collaborated with UConn medical students and other institutions to create a new bilingual resource. This innovative tool aims to help patients, healthcare providers, and future professionals overcome cultural barriers that may hinder early detection and intervention of multiple sclerosis (MS).

Dr. Imitola emphasizes the importance of recognizing the signs of MS early on as it can significantly impact an individual’s trajectory 15 years later. In the latest UConn Health Pulse podcast, he introduces his “VISIBL-MS” tool, which aims to increase visibility of MS among those affected by the disease. The tool is designed to help individuals identify early warning signs and take prompt action to improve their outcomes.

As a journalist covering health-related news, it’s crucial to raise awareness about MS and provide resources that support patients, healthcare providers, and future professionals in identifying the signs of this disease early on. Dr. Imitola’s work highlights the significance of overcoming cultural barriers in improving outcomes for individuals with MS.

For more information about VISBL-MS, visit UConn Today’s website.

By Riley Johnson

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