Introducing the Philadelphia Phillies’ inaugural mental health director

In her second season with the Philadelphia Phillies, Dr. Deanna Nobleza is focused on helping players and coaches maintain their mental well-being. As the first-ever mental health director for the team, she understands the importance of mental health in overall wellness, especially in a demanding lifestyle like professional baseball that requires rigorous travel schedules and time away from families. Despite some initial concerns about the stigma surrounding mental health, Nobleza has found that there is a willingness among the team to embrace mental health initiatives and seek help when needed.

Nobleza’s work with players and coaches includes sessions to address the pressures of playing in Philly and other mental health issues that may arise. She hopes that her efforts will pave the way for other women to enter similar roles in professional sports. Nobleza encourages athletes to seek help when needed and sees asking for help as a brave and beneficial step towards improving performance both on and off the field.

As someone who has experienced challenges with mental health herself, Nobleza is passionate about breaking down stigmas and creating a culture of support within professional sports. She believes that by prioritizing mental health, teams can create a more resilient and effective workforce.

By Riley Johnson

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