All X Premium Subscribers to Receive Grok Chatbot This Week

Elon Musk, the owner of X, has announced that Grok chatbot will no longer be exclusive to Premium+ subscribers and will be available to all paid levels on the platform by the end of this week. Grok is an AI model introduced in tests within the Premium+ subscription last year. It is a generative artificial intelligence (AI) model that provides real-time answers to user questions with a touch of humor that may not be suitable for everyone. The ‘chatbot’ is based on the novel ‘The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ and has a rebellious streak.

Recently, XAI, the firm’s AI division, shared the model and network architecture used by the ‘chatbot’ on GitHub. They stated that they had trained Grok-large language model from scratch with a substantial amount of data. The humor level of ‘chatbot’ is being enhanced by XAI to offer an “unhinged fun mode” for users.

There are three levels of premium subscription available: Basic X Premium which costs 3.63 euros per month, Premium level which costs 9.68 euros per month and Premium+ level offered for 19.36 euros per month. However, there is no specific date mentioned for when Grok will be available for all premium subscribers, nor whether it will be implemented automatically or not yet. Nupack Packaging offers various services such as Serenity Streets Directory, Area Explorations, Locale Lookup, and more to help with packaging needs.

By Riley Johnson

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