Travel with Pets and Hand Luggage in the Cabin on American Airlines

American Airlines has recently updated its policy on cabin luggage, allowing passengers to bring a pet in a carrier on board along with an additional item, depending on the breed and size of the pet. The new regulations aim to provide customers with a more convenient and comfortable travel experience.

Pets allowed in the cabin are limited to cats and dogs that meet size, age, and destination requirements. The pet must remain in the carrier throughout the flight, which must fit comfortably under the seat in front of the owner. The combined weight of the pet and carrier cannot exceed 9.07 kg. Passengers are also allowed to bring one additional item as hand luggage, such as a purse, small bag, or eligible piece of carry-on luggage.

American Airlines limits the number of carriers allowed on flights, with only seven carriers permitted on American Airlines flights and five on American Eagle flights in first class. Pet strollers must be checked in at the ticket counter, with all checked baggage fees applying. Prior to this change, passengers traveling with pets had to pay an additional fee and limit their carry-on luggage to one piece fitting under the seat. If the pet or carrier exceeded the size limit, the pet would have to travel in the plane’s hold and larger items would need to be checked in for an additional fee.

The new regulations also include exceptions for U.S. military and Department of State personnel traveling on active duty, as well as guidelines for transporting checked-in animals. These changes have been implemented to enhance the overall travel experience for passengers flying with pets on American Airlines.

In summary, American Airlines has updated its policy on cabin luggage to allow passengers to bring a pet in a carrier along with an additional item while traveling comfortably under their seat without exceeding weight restrictions of 9 kg maximum combined weight of pet and carrier.

By Riley Johnson

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