Invisible Shield Technology Allows Users to Blend In Perfectly

A British startup, Invisibility Shield Co., has successfully created a technology that allows multiple people to appear invisible. The company’s “Megashield,” a 6-foot-tall device, is priced at $828 and uses ultra-large, precision-engineered lens arrays to redirect light away from the observer, creating an illusion of invisibility.

Despite not being perfect, the Megashield offers impressive features such as being waterproof, power-free, and eco-friendly, made from recyclable materials. Tristan Thompson, founder of Invisibility Shield Co., stated that the shields are practical yet fun to use. The company initially launched the product in 2022 with various sizes and price points and raised funds through Kickstarter to make their science fiction vision a reality.

The latest version of the invisibility shield can now hide multiple people and stand on its own while being easily packable down to only 2.3 inches in thickness. Thompson expressed his excitement about the advancements made in the technology, stating that it was once impossible to achieve such capabilities just two years ago.

By Riley Johnson

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