Brittany Mahomes Dazzles in Scarlet Bikini for ‘Sports Illustrated Swimsuit’

Brittany Mahomes is no stranger to the limelight, but her recent Sports Illustrated Swimsuit debut has taken her career to new heights. The 28-year-old owner of the Kansas City Current made her debut as a Rookie in the magazine’s 60th anniversary issue this year, showcasing her confidence and beauty in stunning swimsuit photos.

In February, Brittany shared some of those photos on Instagram, but the excitement didn’t end there. Recently, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit released another photo of Brittany wearing a tiny Kansas City Chiefs-red bikini. In this latest photo, she is seen donning a red bikini that highlights her curves, with a red cowboy hat completing her look.

Brittany was selected as a Rookie this year because she embodies a modern-day powerhouse. MJ Day, editor in chief of SI Swim, praised Brittany’s journey, noting her tenacity and determination despite any negativity she may face. Brittany remains positive and encourages others to stay true to themselves.

During the Super Bowl, where she watched her husband Patrick Mahomes play for the Kansas City Chiefs, Brittany had a chance encounter with Martha Stewart, who was the reigning SI Swim cover model. The two women shared a sweet moment behind the scenes of the game, showcasing the bond between powerful and confident women in their field.

By Riley Johnson

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