Canoo’s CEO’s Jet Costs Double What the Company Earned Last Year

In 2022, Canoo unveiled a prototype of its electric vehicle at the CES technology trade show in Las Vegas. However, despite the display, the company faced criticism for spending $1.7 million on CEO Tony Aquila’s private jet bills, which was more than twice its revenue generated that year. This spending has raised concerns among investors, who are worried about Canoo’s financial health and management decisions.

Canoo’s CEO received $1.7 million in “aircraft reimbursements” for his private jet expenses in 2022, while the company only had $886,000 in revenue. Aquila owns approximately 14% of Canoo and also received $1.3 million for air travel expenses in the same year. Despite producing passenger vehicles, delivery vans for Walmart and crew transport vehicles for NASA since 2017, Canoo is still struggling to generate profits and faces cash flow issues while trying to scale up production.

The lack of sufficient cash flow has forced Canoo to consider raising additional funds to sustain its operations. This challenge, coupled with several executive departures in 2022, has contributed to a 26% stock decline following the company’s earnings report. When businesses like Canoo overspend on private jet usage, shareholders and investors become concerned about the company’s financial health and management decisions.

Several high-profile companies have faced backlash for their excessive spending practices on private jets. For instance, WeWork purchased a luxury jet and General Electric’s former CEO Jack Immelt was known for his extravagant travel accommodations. These cases highlight the importance of responsible spending practices by executives and companies when it comes to managing their finances.

In conclusion, while Canoo may have shown off its EV prototype at CES 2022, its struggles with generating profits and cash flow issues mean that it will need to be careful with its spending practices moving forward if it wants to succeed in an industry with slowing demand.

By Riley Johnson

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