Nurse at Sanford Hospital Retires After Six Decades of Dedicated Service

Carol Wieneke, a well-known figure at Sanford Health, has been an LPN at Sanford Luverne for the past 60 years. Throughout her six decades at the facility, she has become known for her caring nature and dedication to her work. As she prepares to retire, Carol reflects on the many joys she has experienced during her time at Sanford Luverne.

One of Carol’s most cherished memories is her friendship with Vicki Nelson, who retired after 44 years of working together. Their friendship has spanned many years and they have shared countless memories and experiences while working side by side. Although they will miss each other dearly when Carol retires, they both know that their bond will never truly be broken.

Carol’s niche has always been people. She is known for caring deeply about her patients and staff, treating everyone as if they were family members. Her colleague of 13 years, Cheryl Groen, speaks highly of Carol’s character and says that she genuinely cares about those around her. Groen knows that although it may not be goodbye forever, Carol will always be a dear friend to her and will continue to stop by to volunteer at the hospital and check in with everyone from time to time.

As she looks back on her career at Sanford Luverne, Carol knows that if people don’t enjoy their work, they won’t do good work. She has chosen to find joy in the simple moments and focus on the positives in her job. Her legacy will live on through the many lives she has touched and the countless memories she has created with her colleagues and patients alike.

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