During the Euro qualifier against Armenia, Croatia’s striker, Ante Budimir, was the only player on the field who scored a goal. Despite not being invited to join the team beforehand, Budimir seized the opportunity and played with determination. His goal helped lead Croatia to victory and secure their place in Germany for the Euro tournament.

Budimir expressed his excitement after the match, saying that he felt a great sense of accomplishment as a striker. He dedicated his goal to his family, including his mother, wife, and grandmother. Although they may not always understand his work as a footballer, Budimir made sure they were aware of his achievements.

The game was intense as both teams tried to outmaneuver each other. The Armenians were compact with five players behind them and had a good-performing goalkeeper. However, Croatia managed to score by quickly turning the side and crossing dangerously. When they did score, it was thanks to a quick cross from Borna and Budimir’s attack where he knew exactly what he wanted and where he needed to go. Sometimes goals happen by chance or luck, but this one was well-deserved in Budimir’s opinion.

Croatia has been known for their impressive performances in major competitions such as World Cups and European Championships. With Germany hosting this year’s Euro tournament, Croatia is looking forward to competing once again on an international stage. Josip Juranović also commented on the placement at the Euros after coming on in the second half today after missing out due to injury earlier in Riga. He expressed excitement about possibly playing in Berlin during the tournament if Croatia makes it there.

Overall, Budimir’s performance and goal will be remembered fondly by fans of Croatian football for years to come as they celebrate their country’s success at reaching another major competition stage.

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