A Giant Kite Pulling a Carriage

In the 19th century, an English teacher’s passion for kites led to the invention of a carriage pulled by two giant kites that could run at 32 km/h. George Pocock, the English teacher in question, embarked on a memorable journey on January 8, 1822, with his wife and children from Bristol to Marlborough on this unique carriage.

Pocock had been fascinated with kites since childhood and his experiments grew bolder over the years. He even involved his children in dangerous feats such as lifting his young daughter on a wicker chair using a kite and letting her fly over the Avon Gorge. Fortunately, the girl survived. Pocock’s love for kites culminated in the creation of the Charvolant carriage, which he obtained a patent for.

The Charvolant consisted of two kites attached to a string half a kilometer long, pulling a carriage carrying passengers at a rapid speed. Steering was controlled by four lines attached to the kite while braking was achieved by pressing an iron bar against the road surface. Pocock published a book describing his experience traveling by Charvolant and highlighted its pleasant and speedy ride.

Despite Pocock’s efforts to promote the Charvolant for various uses and its advantages over traditional vehicles, it did not gain widespread popularity. Driving the carriage was not easy and it remained largely unnoticed. However, Pocock and his family continued to use it for picnics until his death in 1843.

In conclusion, George Pocock’s invention of the Charvolant carriage marked a significant milestone in transportation history. While it did not gain widespread popularity during his lifetime, it paved the way for future innovations in vehicle design and technology.

By Riley Johnson

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