Steve McMichael, former Chicago Bears DT and Hall of Famer, undergoing testing following hospital stay

Recently, the NFL community was saddened to hear that Steve McMichael, who was recently inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, has once again been hospitalized. The news was shared by Jarrett Payton, son of McMichael’s former teammate, Walter Payton, who stated that his father is undergoing tests while in the hospital. This comes after McMichael was previously hospitalized for over a week in February due to multiple health issues.

Steve McMichael, known for his prowess as a defensive tackle for the Chicago Bears for 13 seasons, finally received recognition from the Hall of Fame this year after a long and successful career in the NFL. He played an integral role on the legendary 1985 Bears defense, widely considered one of the best in history. Following his time with the Bears, McMichael spent his final NFL season with the Green Bay Packers before retiring from football.

Unfortunately, McMichael has been battling ALS since being diagnosed in 2021. Despite these challenges, his induction into the Hall of Fame marked a significant milestone in his football legacy. At 66 years old, McMichael remains a beloved figure in the football community and continues to inspire fans and former teammates alike with his unwavering determination and strength. We wish him well during this difficult time and hope he makes a full recovery soon.

By Riley Johnson

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