China’s Economic ‘Sugar High’ Could Amplify US Inflation

In July, there was a sudden decrease in the production rate at China’s factories, which has led to concerns about its impact on the US economy. New research suggests that this slowdown could have serious implications for the US economy, particularly if Chinese policymakers decide to boost their economy by increasing investments in the manufacturing sector.

To stimulate economic growth, Chinese authorities are taking steps to encourage investments in the manufacturing sector. However, this move may lead to an increase in inflation in the US. A manufacturing boom in China would exert upward pressure on prices, which could ultimately be passed on to consumers. If successful, and credit growth in China rises to 12% over the next two years, it could result in a sustained increase in inflation in the US over this period.

Recent changes in credit allocation in China have also contributed to this shift towards manufacturing. With bank lending moving away from real estate and towards manufacturing, there has been an increase in new “green loans” as China’s clean energy sector grows. It is estimated that new manufacturing lending will make up a significant portion of total lending in the near future.

Despite conventional wisdom suggesting that a manufacturing-led expansion in China would be disinflationary for the US, researchers warn that increased Chinese production could put significant pressures on global commodity markets and the manufacturing supply chain. As such, any potential benefits of increased investment must be carefully weighed against these risks.

In conclusion, while Chinese policymakers may see investing in their manufacturing sector as a way to stimulate economic growth and reduce unemployment rates, it could also lead to inflationary pressures for both China and the United States. As such, it is important for policymakers on both sides of the Pacific to carefully consider these implications before making any decisions regarding investment or trade policies.

By Riley Johnson

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