Coach Greg Sweet runs his practice in Albuquerque, N.M., with the goal of making club volleyball more affordable for families. He understands that expenses such as shoes, jerseys, and travel can quickly add up, leaving many families struggling to afford their children’s sports activities. However, Coach Sweet is determined to make a difference and help out the kids.

Lisa Yuka and her daughter, Jazlyn, were inspired by Coach Sweet’s dedication to helping out families through affordable club sports. They met him last year when he was coaching at Jazlyn’s middle school and were impressed by his enthusiasm and commitment to teaching and motivating the kids. Lisa and Jazlyn found him to be very fun, inspiring, and motivating, which is why they decided to nominate him for a Pay It 4ward award.

Coach Sweet has become an important part of the community in Albuquerque and deserves recognition for his efforts in making club volleyball more accessible to families. His extra effort in teaching and motivating the kids doesn’t go unnoticed, which is why Lisa and Jazlyn stepped forward to nominate him for this prestigious award as a way to show their appreciation for his dedication and service to the community.

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