Collaborative efforts ignite passion for science

The Sara Harp Minter Elementary Science Olympiad team has been receiving support from mentors at Whitewater High School for the past three years. These mentors are passionate about science and have been volunteering to help Minter students enhance their skills and prepare for competitions. They visit the Mountain Lions on Friday mornings, bringing hands-on activities and games that help students understand and strengthen their knowledge for the county competition.

The mentors not only help the students prepare for competitions but also support them during big events. They are dedicated to helping the students develop a love for science and build relationships within the Whitewater community. This shared passion for science has led some students to continue competing in Science Olympiad even in middle school.

Minter enrichment teacher Stacy McClanahan, 1st-grade teacher Kristi Soong, and Whitewater High science teachers Kathryn Dupree and Shelley Kozlowski work together to facilitate this collaboration between the students. They are grateful for the strong desire of the mentors from Whitewater High to develop relationships and mentor the Mountain Lions.

By Riley Johnson

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