Farewell to the Life Science Building: The Insider’s Perspective

A group of Pitt alumni has provided funding for the construction of a new humanities building on campus, which will replace the Life Sciences Building. The project has faced numerous challenges from the beginning, including funding issues that delayed the start of the project and ultimately prevented its completion.

One of the donors involved in the project, Hugh Mungus, has shared his thoughts on the matter. Mungus believes that a building focused on science is unnecessary and finds the design of the current building to be unattractive. However, it’s worth noting that Mungus is currently being searched for by Pitt-Greensburg police due to multiple parking violations.

The estimated cost of dismantling the Life Sciences Building and constructing a new one has not yet been determined, but experts predict it could range from $10 to $15 million. The primary donor of the project, who prefers to keep their identity private, has expressed a desire to further support the renovation of the campus in the future. They believe that modern architecture is unappealing and aim to reject it in favor of more traditional styles.

As of now, a start date for

By Riley Johnson

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