The sports industry has a major influence on the Phoenix-area economy and culture, with a variety of professional sports teams and mega events contributing significantly to the city’s economic impact. From NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and WNBA franchises to golf tournaments, NASCAR races, college football bowl games, and spring training for the Cactus League, Phoenix is already a sports hub.

The city’s reputation in the sports world can further be enhanced with additional assets such as the Arizona Rattlers arena football team and Phoenix Rising FC, a championship-winning pro soccer team in the USL. Xavier Gutierrez, president and CEO of the Coyotes, believes that Valley business leaders should not take for granted their position in the sports world. There is room for continued growth and expansion in the Phoenix sports industry, and it is important for local leaders to recognize and capitalize on this potential.

Sports are an integral part of the Phoenix-area economy and culture. The city’s major sporting events such as NCAA Final Four and Super Bowl contribute significantly to its economic impact. As a journalist rewriting this article I would suggest that we can also mention other significant events like Fiesta Bowl or Rose Bowl which also attract thousands of visitors each year to Phoenix adding more revenue to its economy.

In conclusion, Phoenix has already established itself as a significant player in the sports world but there is still room for further growth. With its diverse range of professional sports teams and mega events, along with championship-winning pro soccer teams like Arizona Rattlers arena football team and Phoenix Rising FC in USL; there is definitely an opportunity for even more development in this domain.

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