Castaways stranded on an African island pursue a passing cruise ship

The Norwegian Cruise ship sailing up the west coast of Africa was forced to leave eight passengers behind on the African island state of São Tomé and Príncipe. Among those stranded were Jill and Jay Campbell, a couple from South Carolina, who were left behind during a tour on the island. Despite their efforts to contact the ship’s captain and board a small boat provided by the local Coast Guard, the group was not picked up by the ship.

The Campbells, along with six other passengers including two elderly individuals and a pregnant woman, found themselves without access to medications or accepted credit cards on the island. The Campbells used their Visa card to pay for food and accommodations for their fellow stranded passengers, spending thousands of dollars in the process. After failing to rejoin their ship in Gambia, they made another attempt near the Senegalese coast in hopes of reuniting with the cruise ship.

The shipping company stated that it was not responsible for leaving passengers behind as it is important for guests to ensure they return to the ship on time. The company emphasized that all information regarding boarding times is communicated extensively before embarkation.

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