Zlatko Dalić, the coach of the Croatian national football team, breathed a sigh of relief after their victory over Armenia and qualifying for the Euro 2020. During the match, they faced many challenges and had to work hard to achieve their goal. Dalić congratulated the players on their success and thanked the fans for their support. He said that this was a tough game and that they had to win six points to qualify. Despite the difficulties, Croatia managed to achieve their goal and make a great success.

Dalić also reflected on his past experiences as a coach, including the victory over Russia in 2018 where he cried in Split. However, this time around, he didn’t let his emotions get the better of him as he remained focused on the task at hand. He added that everything that has happened so far is a big plus and that Croatia should be proud of their accomplishment.

The coach also spoke about Luka Modrić’s performance during the match and expressed his satisfaction with it. However, he acknowledged that there are still areas where they need to improve before heading into the tournament next summer. They have seven months of peace and selection ahead of them and will face Germany in one of their group stage matches.

Dalić praised Ante Budimir’s performance during the match, saying that he played fantasticly and deserved his place on the national team. He also noted that Budimir endured through criticism without speaking out against it, which showed great character and responsibility. Overall, Dalić expressed his joy at Croatia’s success and looked forward to what lies ahead for them in Europe 2020.

It is worth noting that during this interview Dalić didn’t mention Wales or Turkey as they were not relevant for Croatia qualification but it could be assumed from context.

In summary:

Croatian national football team qualified for Euro 2020 after defeating Armenia with a score of 3-1.

Zlatko Dalić congratulated players on qualifying for Euro 2020 while expressing gratitude towards fans who supported them throughout.

He stated that this was a tough game but everyone showed character and responsibility.

Croatia achieved its goal after two years since Dalić cried in Split when defeating Russia.

Ante Budimir scored winning goal after playing fantastic two games without scoring any goals before.

Dalić praised Budimir’s character as well as Luka Modrić’s performance during this match.

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