Connection found between 2019 Iranian landslide and construction of dam, say scientists

In recent years, there has been a notable increase in the construction of dams globally, either to meet the growing demand for water or to generate electricity. However, concerns have been raised about the potential environmental impact of these dams. A recent study has shed light on the link between dam construction and increased landslide activity.

One such incident occurred in March 2019 when a landslide devastated Hoseynabad-e Kalpush village in north-central Iran, causing damage to 300 houses and cutting off access to the nearby dam. Initially, local authorities attributed the landslide to heavy rainfall and denied any connection to the dam. However, scientists from the German Research Centre for Geosciences have found evidence that contradicts this claim.

Through analysis of satellite data from the region, they discovered that the stable slope where the landslide occurred began to show movement after the reservoir behind the dam started filling with water in 2013. Over time, as more water filled up behind the dam, it raised local water levels and made soil on nearby slopes more susceptible to movement. This ultimately led to an ancient landslide being activated. The findings were published in Engineering Geology.

The study serves as a warning for engineers working on dam projects worldwide. By understanding and mitigating risks associated with reservoir filling and its impact on nearby slopes, communities and infrastructure can be better protected from potentially devastating consequences of landslides triggered by dam construction.

In conclusion, while dams are necessary for meeting our growing water needs or generating power, it is essential that their potential environmental impact is carefully considered before construction begins. Engineers must take into account factors like soil composition and water table changes when designing these structures to ensure their safety and sustainability for future generations.

By Riley Johnson

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