Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Prize winner in Economics, passes away at 90 years old.

Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences laureate and renowned Israeli-American psychologist and economist, Daniel Kahneman, passed away on Wednesday at the age of 90. His contributions to the fields of psychology and economics have brought immense pride to Israel and the Jewish people.

Kahneman’s work in developing Prospect Theory and his groundbreaking contributions to the sciences will continue to inspire countless students and shape the way we think and learn for years to come. His impact on academia and society at large will be felt for generations, cementing his place as a true visionary in his field.

President Isaac Herzog expressed his condolences, describing Kahneman as one of the brightest minds of his time. His legacy as a pioneer in understanding human behavior and decision-making processes will continue to shape the way we think about these subjects for years to come.

By Riley Johnson

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