In an exclusive interview with news magazine Paris Match, French First Lady Brigitte Macron opened up about her long-awaited marriage to French President Emmanuel Macron. The couple first started dating when Emmanuel was 15 and Brigitte was his drama teacher.

Despite the initial resistance from his parents and her concerns about age differences, they continued their relationship and eventually got married in 2007. However, it took ten years for the couple to tie the knot because of Brigitte’s desire to avoid causing any harm to her children, who were around the same age as Emmanuel at that time.

Brigitte emphasized that she put a lot of thought into making sure that she was doing what was best for her family before making the decision to marry Emmanuel. She made sure that her children were on the right path before taking this step, which ultimately led to their union.

Their relationship started when Brigitte was 40 years old and he was a student in her drama class in Amiens, France. Despite initial challenges, they were able to overcome them and build a strong bond that has lasted until this day. Their love story is an inspiration for many people who face similar obstacles in their relationships.

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