Continental’s tire monitoring technology chosen by logistics company

The Vredeveld Group, a Dutch logistics company, has recently integrated Continental’s ContiConnect digital tire monitoring technology into their operations. This technology allows for the 24/7 monitoring of vehicles, especially those on extended journeys. By implementing Continental’s technology, the Vredeveld Group aims to streamline their supply chains and reduce costs.

As a company operating from four sites and employing around 200 individuals, the Vredeveld Group has chosen to utilize the ContiConnect Live module. Bart Piceu, the digital solutions manager at Continental, highlighted the tracking function of ContiConnect Live as a particularly important feature. This functionality enables dispatchers at headquarters to locate drivers if a tire is losing pressure, improving overall operational efficiency.

Mischa Vredeveld, the general manager of the Vredeveld Group, outlined the various benefits that ContiConnect offers to the company. These include fewer breakdowns, resulting in reduced downtime, fuel savings, and lower CO2 emissions. Continental emphasizes that ContiConnect is designed to ensure that vehicles maintain the correct tire pressures at all times. The company also provides the ContiConnect Yard solution for fleets that return to the depot daily, transmitting tire data as vehicles pass fixed reader stations to streamline fleet management.

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