Sources say AAC considering Tim Pernetti as next commissioner with sports background

Tim Pernetti, the former athletic director at Rutgers and currently the president of IMG Academy, has been reportedly tapped as the next commissioner of the American Athletic Conference (AAC), sources at ESPN have revealed. Pernetti brings a wealth of experience to the role, having previously served as the Chief Business Officer for New York City FC in Major League Soccer (MLS) and having worked in college sports administration since his early career at CSTV, the College Sports Television Network.

The AAC’s appointment of Pernetti comes at a crucial time for the conference, as they have recently expanded to include several new teams. Pernetti will replace Mike Aresco, who has held the position since the league’s inception 11 years ago. The conference currently has a television contract with ESPN that will run until 2031-32 academic year.

Pernetti’s early career included working at CSTV and various positions at ABC sports and ABC Enhanced TV before he became athletic director at Rutgers. However, he resigned from Rutgers following a scandal involving his basketball coach’s abusive behavior. Despite this setback, Pernetti continued to excel in the industry and his diverse background in television, college sports, and on-campus experience make him a valuable candidate for the commissioner role.

This trend of non-traditional hires in commissioner positions is becoming increasingly commonplace in college sports administration. Pernetti is one of the latest examples of this shift towards hiring individuals with diverse backgrounds and skill sets to lead these organizations.

By Riley Johnson

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