Novak Đoković, 36, has just claimed the top spot in the updated ATP ranking and won the final ATP tournament of the season, making history in the tennis world. With this achievement, he has surpassed Steffi Graf’s record of 377 weeks at the top and is now considered one of the greatest tennis players of all time.

In the final match against Jannik Sinner, Đoković secured a victory and set a new record by winning his seventh title in a row. His journey to number one began on July 4, 2011 when he first topped the rankings and held the position for an impressive 53 weeks. This year, he shared the top spot with Carlos Alcaraz but ultimately emerged as the best player of 2023.

Đoković attributes his success to his team and expresses gratitude for their contributions to his journey. As a result of his triumphant season, he will start off next year as the best tennis player in the world and is positioned for at least 409 weeks in first place.

Looking ahead, Đoković is determined to continue breaking records and achieving greatness in his career. In 2024, he aims to become only the third tennis player in history with more than 1,100 career wins, needing just two more titles to reach that milestone.

This remarkable achievement serves as a testament to Novak Djokovic’s skill and determination on court. He remains one of the most dominant players in men’s tennis today and continues to push himself further each season.

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