In Dubrovnik, Igor Hajdarhodžić has found inspiration for his many artistic pursuits. As a musician, actor, performer, sculptor, caulker, merchant, designer, pedagogue, word juggler and painter – best known for his work in the theater – Igor has spent the past 26 years honing his skills and exploring new forms of expression.

In his workshop next to the Sponza Palace, Igor shares with me that acting does not come naturally to him. Instead, he finds himself drawn to other creative outlets such as painting and music. Despite spending most of his life on stage, Igor has become disillusioned with the current state of theater and has moved away from acting.

Instead of focusing solely on one art form, Igor dedicates his time to all of his interests – drawing and painting alongside shipbuilding and working with metal. He describes how this allows him to seamlessly move between different creative expressions throughout the day.

Igor’s time in the theater was instrumental in leading him down his current path. His passion for art and shipbuilding has allowed him to pursue various hobbies and express his concerns about society through his work. He is optimistic about the future and even plans on starting a school for young generations interested in learning shipbuilding skills from him.

Throughout our conversation, Igor emphasizes how much he learns from children’s interests in working with their hands. He believes that caulking will continue to be an important craft in the future due to its potential for creativity and practicality. While he acknowledges some dissatisfaction with state intervention in shipbuilding and cultural appreciation for national heritage, Igor remains dedicated to restoring old ships and consulting on boat design.

Overall, Igor sees joy in allowing life to guide his projects rather than relying on institutions or external support. In Dubrovnik’s vibrant arts scene, he continues to inspire others through his many forms of artistic expression while remaining optimistic about what the future holds for both himself and others passionate about art and creativity.

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