Fayette County Deputies arrested Desjuan Toliver, 29, of LaGrange for attempting to break into closed businesses in the middle of the night. The arrest took place on November 14 at approximately 2:15 a.m. after deputies responded to a call about a suspicious person near Kenwood Road.

The caller had reported seeing someone wearing a ski mask and looking into the business’s windows. When deputies arrived, they found Toliver matching the description and carrying pieces of concrete intended for breaking into the business. A search of Toliver revealed car keys hidden in his sock, leading deputies to a GMC Yukon and a trailer parked several businesses away, containing more pieces of concrete, ratchet straps, and moving blankets.

Toliver has been booked into the Fayette County Jail and is facing charges of loitering, prowling, and criminal intent to commit burglary.

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