Eiffel Tower Sets Record After Bizarre Matchstick Dispute

Frenchman Richard Plaud’s Eiffel Tower, built with a record-breaking 706,900 matches, will be entered in the Guinness Book of Records after an emotional rollercoaster ride. The organization had initially been too strict about the nature of the games in this attempt, but now admits that Richard’s attempt is officially great.

The Guinness Book of Records had originally deemed that Richard made two serious mistakes during his attempt to build a perfect replica of the Parisian landmark at 7.19 meters. Firstly, he bought headless sticks from supermarkets and then convinced a match manufacturer Flam’Up to supply him with boxes containing 190,000 headless sticks. Secondly, he cut off the heads of the flammable, usually red heads of the matches instead of scraping them off as required by regulations.

However, after a week of consideration and reflection on his journey, Richard has been welcomed back into the record race with open arms. He describes it as an emotional rollercoaster ride but is thrilled to finally have his achievement recognized.

The decision was made following an outpouring of support for Richard from people around the world who admired his passion and dedication to building such an impressive structure using only matches. The Guinness Book of Records has acknowledged that their initial decision was too harsh and that Richard’s attempt should have been recognized as a significant achievement regardless of minor technicalities.

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