Picking a Candidate: Anyone But Trump or Biden

An elementary school teacher and former soldier from Dallas, Texas, who used to be known as Dustin Ebey, has legally changed his name to “Literally Anybody Else” and announced his candidacy for the 2024 US presidential elections. He believes that there is a need for change in the current political landscape and aims to catalyze dissatisfaction with Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

As a protest cry against the status quo, he wants to reiterate that anyone else would be a better option than the two main candidates. Although he knows it’s unlikely that he will get his name on the ballot in Texas by collecting 113,000 signatures, he is campaigning for people to write “literally anybody else” instead. His goal is to ensure that America is not forced to choose between what he calls the “debt king” and an 81-year-old candidate.

His unconventional campaign has sparked curiosity and discussion about the need for alternative voices in the political landscape, challenging traditional norms and expectations of the electoral process. Despite facing criticism from many quarters, Literally Anybody Else remains steadfast in his belief that ordinary citizens deserve better than what they are currently getting from their leaders.

In conclusion, Literally Anybody Else’s candidacy represents a unique opportunity for voters who are looking for an alternative choice in the upcoming election. While some may dismiss him as a fringe candidate with no chance of winning, others see him as a voice of reason who challenges the status quo and gives hope for a better future.

By Riley Johnson

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