Step into a Dreamy Universe with Gabrielle Rosenstein x Empath’s Latest Collection

The Spring/Summer 24 collection of Empath, a Los Angeles based label, is a fresh and alluring twist to the siren trend. The collection, aptly named “Akoya,” is the result of a dreamy collaboration between founder Emily Arakawa and creative Gabrielle Rosenstein. Drawing inspiration from an imaginative iridescent biome and Arakawa’s Japanese and Singaporean heritage, “Akoya” presents a magnificent creature adorned in feminine prints, textures, and ’90s inspired silhouettes that tell a captivating story.

To fully immerse viewers into the enchanting universe of Akoya, Arakawa and Rosenstein have meticulously crafted a bespoke set, lookbook, and fashion film. The film depicts Akoya’s journey above and below water, as she adjusts to life outside of her watery and transcendental home. Through the film, Akoya slowly adopts qualities and activities of contemporary women in cities, leaving viewers to wonder if she will return home or remain in a trance, longing for her oceanic origins.

The garments in the “Akoya” collection further enhance the otherworldly feel, with simple silhouettes and hazy graphics that capture Akoya’s essence. Standout pieces include two wide strapped tank tops that resemble mermaid scales, paired with light green colored tights to mimic a mermaid tail, creating a whimsical and ethereal aesthetic.

The “Akoya” collection is now available on Empath’s website for those looking to add a touch of fantasy and sophistication to their wardrobe. Be sure to also explore Alessandro Michele’s best Gucci moments for more fashion inspiration.

By Riley Johnson

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