MotivHealth joins forces with AZOVA to offer doula support services for its members

AZOVA, a telehealth company based in Utah, has recently partnered with MotivHealth to offer Birth Doula Support Memberships to its members. MotivHealth is a health insurance company that provides comprehensive coverage to individuals and families. Through this partnership, AZOVA will connect MotivHealth’s patients with doulas as part of their membership.

Dr. Cheryl Lee Eberting, CEO and founder of AZOVA Health, expressed her excitement about the partnership with MotivHealth. She stated that their goal was to empower women throughout their birthing journey by leveraging technology to connect mothers with expert doulas. This collaboration reflects a growing trend in using technology to enhance maternity care and support for women.

Research has shown that doula support can help mitigate health disparities and lead to positive delivery outcomes such as reduced premature deliveries, cesarean sections, and shorter labor lengths. Doula support has also been associated with improved breastfeeding success, particularly in low-income women. This highlights the importance of providing women with additional support and resources during the prenatal, birth, and postpartum periods.

Other tech-enabled companies are also focusing on maternal health initiatives. For example, FarmboxRx launched a Maternal Health Program to provide food and nutrition education to at-risk pregnant women during and after pregnancy. Mae Health is another digital health platform that offers pregnancy and postpartum support specifically tailored for Black expectant mothers. These initiatives demonstrate a growing recognition of the importance of maternal health and the need for innovative solutions to support women during the childbirth process.

By Riley Johnson

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