Ben Stokes from England to skip T20 World Cup 2024 to focus on improving bowling fitness | Cricket Update

In a surprising move, England Cricket Board (ECB) has announced that all-rounder Ben Stokes will not be part of the upcoming T20 World Cup squad. The defending champions have confirmed that Stokes has opted to focus on regaining his bowling fitness to be a full all-rounder in all formats of cricket.

Stokes, who is also England’s Test captain, prioritizes building up his bowling skills to contribute fully in all aspects of the game. He has been working hard to recover from his knee surgery and improve his ability to bowl regularly. Although Stokes played for England in the recent series against India, he acknowledged that he was still behind in terms of bowling performance due to his limited participation.

The ECB stated that Stokes is keen on getting fully fit to bowl ahead of the upcoming Test series against West Indies and Sri Lanka. They believe that Stokes’ absence from the T20 international squad since the World Cup final in November 2022 was due to his fitness concerns, and they are confident that he will be back on form soon.

In preparation for the upcoming Test matches, Stokes will be focusing on playing for Durham in the County Championship. England’s T20 World Cup squad will face Pakistan ahead of the tournament, where they will play Scotland, Australia, Oman, and Namibia in group matches. The T20 World Cup will take place in June 2023 in the West Indies and United States, where England aims to defend their title.

Overall, this decision by Stokes shows his dedication towards being a versatile player and contributing fully in all formats of cricket. It remains to be seen if this decision will pay off for him and whether he can make it back into the team before the T20 World Cup starts.

By Riley Johnson

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